Networking is key to enhancing quality higher education


Zainab al Nassri –
MUSCAT, Feb. 9 –
The Ministry of Higher Education celebrated the 10th anniversary of Oman Quality Network in Higher Education (OQNHE) in presence of top officials representing government bodies, deans of colleges and officials at higher education establishments.
The event was held under the auspices of Dr Rawya bint Saud al Busaidiyah, Minister of Higher Education, who highlighted, in her speech, the role of the network in enhancing quality of education in the Sultanate.
The network was established in 2006 with the purpose of enhancing quality in higher education in the Sultanate through the sharing of ideas, strategies, research and practices. The network currently encompasses over 60 higher education institutions and growing.
“It looks into developing a quality culture by providing leadership and support in quality enhancement initiatives to the higher education sector. It also continues to build capacity through the provision and enhancement of support and training opportunities, as well as develops and maintains an independent structure that supports the mission and realize the vision of the network. Ensuring a sustainable source of income and financial viability is a top priority along with establishing and maintaining relationships with external bodies” the minister stated.
She indicated that maintaining the quality requires continuous efforts to be made in cooperation with other establishments through benefiting from scientific and educational updates at local, regional and global levels.
The celebration included discussions of issues related to higher education like market needs, cooperation between educational establishments, improvement of academic programmes and supporting graduates. Besides, an official from the network displayed its strategic plan for 2017-2020.