NBO launches contactless ATM cards in Oman

Muscat: National Bank of Oman (NBO) is offering Mastercard holders in Oman the possibility to pay contactlessly at over 5,000 terminals across the Sultanate, marking a milestone for the country’s payment infrastructure. A first in Oman, NBO terminals will accept all contactless Mastercards, issued both in Oman and abroad.

Contactless payments are already widely used in the rest of the world and are steadily overtaking Chip and PIN transactions in terms of volume. All NBO payment terminals will allow local and international contactless Mastercard holders to simply tap or wave their card on the terminal instead of swiping or entering a PIN, offering a faster, easier and more convenient payment solution.

“With contactless payments, you just tap and go, making it a secure and great alternative to cash and Chip and PIN transactions,” said Abdul Karim Al Hinai, Head of Alternative Channels at NBO. “At NBO, we are committed to supporting Oman on its journey of digitization and the way in which we manage our finances plays an important part. Contactless payments are the future and we are excited to be the first to introduce leading edge technology that enables people to lead more hassle-free lives.”

Contactless payments can be made for goods and services up to 10 Omani Rials, making it ideal for small purchases on the move such as a cup of coffee, magazines and basic everyday necessities. As an added security and authentication feature, customers will be asked to enter their PIN for any purchases over OMR 10. For retailers, contactless transactions offer great added value as queuing times for customers are significantly reduced.

Mastercards with the contactless logo of four bold lines making a wave can be used at any of NBO’s new contactless terminals including Muscat International Airport. Furthermore, NBO customers with Youth Debit Cards and Badeel prepaid cards can also now use them contactlessly at these points of sale. All new debit and credit cards issued by NBO will soon be contactless enabled.

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