NBC event highlights employment challenges, solutions for SMEs

The National Business Centre, which falls under the umbrella of the Public Establishment for Industrial Estates (Madayn) organised yesterday Reyooq discussion event, which highlighted employment challenges and solutions for the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). The event comes along the lines of the Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW 2018) events which kicked off early this week.
Reyooq discussion event featured Naif al Mazidi, representative of Ministry of Manpower, and Bahiya al Shuaibi, founder and CEO of Global Space and Technology Company and representative of SMEs, and Sara Balhaf, representative of job seekers. The event discussed the efforts of the Ministry of Manpower in providing training for the ministry’s employees who deal with the SMEs’ owners, among other efforts.
On her part, Al Shuaibi underscored the major challenges facing SMEs in the recruitment of Omani cadres and what can be done to solve these challenges.
Moreover, the representative of job seekers underlined the major difficulties that face the job seekers to find job opportunities and establish their own businesses.
As part of the GEW 2018 events, NBC will organise today (Wednesday) a workshop on investment readiness in addition to a discussion gathering called ‘Lamma’.
Moreover, a three-day Startup Weekend will be organised starting from next Thursday.
Start-up Weekend is a 54-hour weekend event that will bring together designers, developers, marketers and startup enthusiasts to share ideas, form teams, and launch startups.
Around 20 consultants and experts in entrepreneurship will take part in the event, which aims at promoting communication and exchange of ideas and views between the participants.
GEW is a global event celebrated by more than 160 countries worldwide. GEW is recognised as the world’s largest celebration of innovators and job creators who work together to help bring ideas to life, drive economic growth and expand human welfare.
The event aims at connecting experts and entrepreneurs across Oman and sectors to unleash their ideas and transform innovative ideas into reality.
It also aspires to encourage entrepreneurs in Oman to be more visible and help them in their efforts to launch and scale.