National Training Fund signs MoU with HRD Korea

The National Training Fund (NTF) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with HRD Korea, a key government agency that supports the development, evaluation and utilisation of human resources in South Korea. HRD Korea recognises the significance of having a competence based and highly skilled society. They have previously worked in numerous countries to share their knowledge and experience in skills development of the national workforce as well as enhancing training standards in technical and vocational education and training (TVET).

The objective of the MOU is to set forth the foundation to enhance over time TVET standards and quality in Oman’s private vocational institutes. Since its inception, NTF’s driving force in building the capabilities of the local workforce is to transform the training market to be driven by the industry, for the industry. In line with NTF’s mandate to build partnerships with leading training providers locally and internationally, this cooperation aims to bridge the technical gap that exists between the requirements of the private sector and the capability of the local training market.

Having started to evaluate the current status of training in the past year, both practically and through studies, NTF will cooperate with HRD Korea to develop industry-driven TVET across several sectors, specifically those that fit within national projects. This all aims to enhance productivity that will enhance economic diversification. Phase one of the international cooperation with HRD Korea involved TVET experts being dispatched to Oman to better understand the current status of NTF funded programmes. Having done so, it was reported that NTF must initially focus on eight areas that will enhance training standards in Oman and encourage the development of industry-driven training.

The partnership will work on strengthening the delivery of training and promote the improvements of facilities, technology and workshop equipment as well as upgrading curriculums to resemble job competencies, over a specified period. By regulating the training funds, NTF has demanded international accreditation for any sponsored training programmes and has embedded improvement plans against each training institute contracted which will focus on delivering In-Country Value elements such as developing staff and investing in facilities.

NTF is determined to improve the quality of TVET training in Oman and have taken measures throughout 2017. With this partnership, the aim is to strengthen the quality of trainees through NTF funded programmes, and in the long term improve the quality of training across Oman. By investing in enhancing the local training institutes with the help of international expertise, NTF’s fundamental objective is to bridge the gap between supply and demand of the labour market, and essentially produce young Omani trainees that are better suited for the employment market.