National strategy for e-commerce to be launched

Muscat: The government is looking forward to finalise the national strategy for e-commerce and begins its implementation this year.
It may be noted that the GCC e-commerce market is expected to touch $24 billion by 2020 while worldwide the e-commerce sales are forecast to grow to $4.88 trillion, according to and other estimates. According to the annual report of the Implementation Support & Follow-up Unit (ISFU), to keep pace with the growth of e-commerce, Oman has established a National E-commerce Platform aimed at modernising infrastructure and IT information technology tools in post offices to automate consignment systems. The government aims to use the e-commerce services to make the most of the growing trade volume in the logistics sector and encourage investment from small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).
The national level e-commerce strategy will prepare a multi-year rollout roadmap to identify a list of enablers and list of relevant projects to be implemented.
Oman Post is also working on its last-mile delivery project by partially automating its central sorting centre at Airports Heights both in systems and hardware for the country to meet its international and domestic KPIs (key performance indicators).
“There is need to improve the last mile delivery for ecommerce. For this we need a system to know where exactly the customer is and reach him or her,” a senior executive of Oman Post told the Observer earlier.
The report added that Oman Post Oman has already developed different products linked to e-commerce like Mersel and Matjar.
The e-shipping service Matjar facilitates online shopping to help customers collect their goods after purchase from markets in US, India or China.

Vinod Nair