National Museum brings history to life

By Abdulaziz Al Jahdhami — Undoubtedly people have witnessed a facelift of Oman and seen how the country has been developed remarkably. Since the onset of Omani Blessed Renaissance in the early 70s, the country has shaken off the dust of isolation, opened up and has been influenced by the global changes. Today Oman has adapted to a modern life while sustaining its identity, culture and heritage.
On the occasion of the 2nd National Day, His Majesty stated: “Our principal aim is to restore the past glories of our country. Our aim is to see that Oman has restored its past civilisation and has occupied its great position among its Arab brothers in the second half of the 20th Century, and to see the Omani citizen living in happiness and dignity in his land. We had to start from the foundation and this foundation is the people of Oman and we have followed the most difficult road to bring her out of isolation and lead her to the path of honour and dignity.”
The past glory of Oman is being sustained in many forms: traditions, culture and heritage as well as other historical landmarks. Among the milestones that brings Oman’s history to the new generations is the National Museum which was recently opened.
The museum is a landmark and a key tourist destination for Omanis, residents and tourists alike. With all its various attractions and historical treasures, it brings Oman’s rich history back to life.
The National Museum is a must-see tourist destination and people should not miss an opportunity to go around the place and enjoy the learning journey. Each part of it brings an insightful experience to the visitors.
For schoolchildren, it’s a perfect place for explaining the history of Oman and how people lived in the past. The museum marks a new school that touches on most aspects of Omani history.
A visit to the museum is a must for not only students and children, but also families. One of the major attractions is the use of new technology in different displays. I believe this is an added value to the museum as it attracts young people and children to obtain information and explore.
I believe the museum has been brought to life with high quality and standards, reflecting a commendable mixture of old and modern Oman.
With all these monuments and treasures showcased, the National Museum really distinguishes itself from other historical landmarks in the country. It revives the past life experiences and history of Omanis to the current and coming generations.
It enlightens and inspires visitors as it reflects bits and pieces of the unique Omani traditional and modern lifestyle of people in terms of history, rich heritage and culture.
Taken as a whole, Oman with its various aspects of ancient heritage, unique culture, rich history and archaeology, will remain an unmatched tourist destination.
With thousands of distinguished landmarks and untouched treasures spread all over the country, tourists and visitors have a lot to explore and enjoy in Oman. It combines a range of tourist attractions starting from the diversity of pristine nature to the traditional markets mirroring the simple and authentic life of Omanis.