Nama Group winds up ‘Baiti Aamin’ project

Nama Group celebrated the conclusion of the second version of its sustainability project, ‘Baiti Aamin’, organised by Al Ghubrah Power and Desalination Company (GPDC), a subsidiary of Nama Group. The project was implemented in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, represented by the Health Education and Community Initiatives Section in the Directorate General for the Health Services in Muscat.
The event was held in the Recreation Centre of the Oman Electricity Transmission Company (OETC) in Wilayat of Al Seeb, under the auspices of Eng Ali bin Issa Shamas, CEO of Dhofar Power Company and Senior Responsible Owner of HSE programme in Nama Group, with the attendance of dignitaries and representatives of Health and Safety Departments in the Group and concerned authorities.
The event included the recognition of 16 female health instructors in first aid field in addition to concerned institutions and implementing parties of the programme, through which Nama Group seeks to raise awareness of necessary skills to deal with emergencies in the community.
Eng Ali bin Issa Shamas, CEO of Dhofar Power Company, and Senior Responsible Owner of HSE programme in the Group said, “Nama Group aims to continue implementing and supporting programmes related to sustainability, which benefit the local society and other organisations in the Sultanate.
To apply the government instructions pertaining to the provision of a healthy and safe environment, Nama Group, in cooperation with competent authorities, raised awareness of the requirements of health and safety, implemented security measures through the programme and provided the required information and skills.
“Baiti Aamin” is considered one of sustainability projects of Nama Group. It seeks to raise awareness about first aid information in local communities, as well as training them on home safety, and provide the participants with a first aid kit. The project was launched in 2015, where more than 400 residents of Bausher were trained on skills related to first aid, firefighting, and home safety.
Additionally, 200 homes in the Wilayat were provided with a first aid kit, and suitable firefighting equipment. This second edition of the project was implemented in all Wilayats of Muscat Governorate, targeting school students, housewives, Omani Women Associations, mothers of female students, Omani kindergarten female teachers, and female religious counsellors. Additionally, several scenarios of first aid were emphasised, whereas participants received a first aid kit and manual.