Nama Group launches third edition of Nama Ambassadors programme

For the third consecutive year, Nama Group launched the third version of Nama Ambassadors programme in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Higher Education and the Ministry of Manpower, designed for schools, colleges and universities students plus vocational colleges students from all over the Sultanate.
This programme is part of initiatives conceived under the environmental pillar of Nama’s sustainability policy, which aim to introduce students to the concepts of the sustainable environment development, the importance of renewable energy resources, modern technologies as well as planning and implementing sustainable projects.
Also, the initiative aims at building a future national youth base to contribute to the sustainability patterns in the Sultanate.
The third edition of Nama Ambassadors, under the theme of “Sustainable Environment Development”, has been improved based on the recommendations and comments of the programme’s previous versions.
This year, the programme will focus on reducing carbon emissions in various areas where participants can create and deliver specialised projects. The participants will be distributed in teams to compete with each other based on the teamwork training and project management and implementation principles they received.
The training will also include a number of dedicated courses on sustainable development, renewable energy, waste management, the reduction of electricity and water consumption and recycling technology.
As part of the Group’s strategy to support the Omani youth, create job opportunities for them and develop their skills through on-the-job training and knowledge habilitation, Nama Group selected graduates and qualify them to set up their own company, specialised on sustainability and training programmes, to conduct the project in 2018.