Nama Ambassadors Programme names top winners

MUSCAT, DEC 16 – The winners of the Nama Ambassadors Programme 2017 — an initiative of Nama Group — were felicitated at an event presided over by Dr Madeeha bint Ahmed al Shaibaniyah, Minister of Education, on Thursday.
The winners were chosen from amongst entries showcased at the Nama Ambassador Exhibition, which was held at Muscat Grand Mall earlier in the week. Contestants exhibited projects that demonstrated their abilities in managing and implementing challenging ventures.
Securing the top prize in the Schools Category was the team from Zainab bint Al Rasoul School in Wilayat Samayil. Their project, titled ‘Limestone in Our Lives’, explored the potential for extracting limestone from groundwater for recycling and reuse in the production of innovative goods, while also solving the problem of limestone accumulation in water pipes.
The second prize went to Billarab bin Sultan School in Wilayat Bahla for its ‘Smart Water Heater’ project, which offers protection against electric shock as well as water conservation features along with a remote control device.
In third place was Mijzi Basic Education School in Wilayat Ibri. Its ‘Sustainable Mijzi’ project focused on ensuring that the next generation of female students understands the concept of sustainability and the use of environment raw materials
in farms.
Winning the top prize in the category for Universities, Colleges and Vocational Training Centres was Nizwa University. Its project, titled ‘Idama’, looked at the use of the date stone to produce active carbon for removing organic or inorganic substances or compounds from wastewater, gray water and polluting water from factories.
In second place was the Salalah College of Technology for its Beach-Cleaning’ project — a smart flying device that can identify the waste on the beach and then pick it up and dump it into a pre-defined waste area.
The third prize went to the Vocational Training Centre in Wilayat Ibri for its Power Bank Transformer — a device that produces energy from solar cells, spring stored energy and vibrations. Also winning the prize was Al Musannah College of Technology for its Thermo Power Generator — a new environmentally friendly generation system that solves solar energy problems in the processes of maintenance, cost, space and generating capacity for 24 hours.