Mwasalat Taxi revises fares

MUSCAT, DEC 24 – Mwasalat Taxi has announced new revised prices for services at Muscat International Airport from January 1.
The company said that it has slashed the prices based on the feedback from the public, especially taxi users.
New prices will be as follows: From Sunday to Thursday (6 am to 10 pm) fare meter will start at RO 2.5 and onwards 300 baisas per kilometre for a distance of 1-30 km, the company said. Currently, flag drop rates were RO 3 and onwards 400 baisas for a distance of 1-30 km.
For evening trips, (10 pm to 6 am) from Sunday to Thursday and during weekends and public holidays, fare meter will start from RO 3 and onward 300 baisas per kilometre will be charged for a distance of 1-30 km.
Currently, flag drop rates were RO 3.5 and onwards 450 baisas for a distance of 1-30 km.
The company said it ferried over 100,000 trips during the first half of this year at the rate of 600 trips a day.
Additional charge of 1.5 will be levied for minivans (seven passengers) and 100 baisas per minute as a waiting time.
A total of 52,000 people have registered for the on-demand taxi services provided by Mwasalat.
The company has urged customers to experience the service at the new prices and give their opinions and experiences, which will enhance the growth of the taxi sector in the Sultanate.