Mwasalat set to provide 3,500 jobs for Omanis

Mwasalat has announced that it will gradually provide 3,500 jobs for nationals with salaries ranging between RO 560 and RO 800 starting with 400 jobs in August this year.
This is in addition to the existing cooperation with young Omanis who are operating the air-conditioning system of the company’s buses by using solar power.
This was announced by the company at Tracks Forum which began on Tuesday.
The Ministry of Transport and Communications launched the first session of Tracks Forum, during which the concept of public transport as well its social, environmental and economic benefits were discussed.
The forum was aimed at making public transport an alternative to private vehicles as this will ensure smooth traffic on roads and reduce traffic congestion and environmental effects on cities.
Mwasalat also urged the Royal Oman Police to take action against drivers who park their cars near bus stops as it compromises public safety.
It said that work is under way to develop a dedicated bus corridor in cooperation with the Muscat Municipality and a proposal has been put forward by students for solar-powered bus stations.