Mwasalat may link Ministries Area with other locations

MUSCAT, July 2 – Mwasalat, Oman’s national transport company, is studying the feasibility of connecting the Ministries Area in Al Khuwair with other areas, especially Muscat. Traffic in the area during work hours is high and people find it difficult to reach their destinations on time on week days. Aimed at easing the traffic rush in the area, Mwasalat has conducted a survey, which indicates 75 per cent favour such routes. Most of the ministries are located in this area, while embassies are located a little beyond. Employees and officials at these ministries and embassies find it difficult to reach their respective offices and they prefer an alternative solution.

“It’s a wonderful idea to connect the Ministries Area with the rest of the city, including Muscat, Seeb and Al Khoudh, during the peak hours,” said Noah al Shamsi, an official at the Ministry of Transport and Communications. “I’ve tried bus service from Al Khoudh to Al Khuwair and back and found it amazing. However, I’m more concerned about the safety of passengers on board,” he added. Ruqayya al Numani tweeted that in order to safeguard the passengers using Mwasalat, a separate lane should be provided for buses.

“In many countries, including the neighbouring countries, we can see separate lanes for heavy vehicles and buses. This can be considered while introducing newer routes in Oman,” she said. Ridvan Sidhiq, an employee at Muscat International Airport, who uses Mwasalat services for his daily commute from his home in Ruwi to the airport and back, says: “Buses do not stop when there is only one passenger. There have been instances when I’ve had to wait too long at the bus stop.” Ali Rashid al Balushi had another suggestion. “All bus stops should be air-conditioned so that people don’t have to bear the scorching heat.”