Mwasalat launches Taxi Butler service in Muscat

MUSCAT: Mwasalat has launched Taxi Butler Devices. This is a continuation of the efforts exerted in the development of the taxi sector in the Sultanate, stressing the importance of employing modern technology to facilitate service and encouraging the public to use taxis. The Taxi Butler Devices are the first of its kind in the Sultanate.  These devices facilitate the booking of taxis in advance and features the speed of implementation of the reservation request without the need to contact in advance the taxi drivers.
The service also allows for requesting more than one vehicle if the number of passengers exceeds the capacity of the taxi, in addition, the customer can obtain a direct update of the expected time of arrival and the data of the driver with a notice of the arrival of the vehicle to the location of the request.
A number of Taxi Butler Devices have been installed as a first stage in Al Qurum, Al Mouj Golf Club, Muscat Hills and Beach One building.
The service is planned to expand to include a number of government, private and commercial centres as per the demand density of the service.
In addition, the user can obtain a real time direct update of the expected arrival time and driver’s data with a notification of the arrival of the vehicle at the location.
To service will cover a number of government institutions, private and commercial centres in the future as per the demand.
It is noteworthy that the number of Mwaslat Taxi trips have reached about 150,000 trips with a daily rate of more than 700 trip per day.
The number of registered users of the telephone application for Mwaslat Taxi is about 40,000 registered users up to date.