Mwasalat launches Muscat-Ibri-Buraimi route from April 27

MUSCAT: Mwasalat has announced the launch of Muscat-Ibri-Buraimi from April 27, as part of the company’s keenness to expand the public transport network between the Sultanate’s governorates.
The company will operate two daily services on the Muscat-Ibri-Buraimi line. The first bus will depart from Muscat at 9:30am and the second bus at 4 pm.
The Muscat-Ibri-Buraimi bus will depart Athaiba Station and cover Muscat International Airport, Al Sahwa Tower, Nizwa Market, Bahla Ibri Market — Bus.
Mwasalat recently launched the Muscat-Barka, Muscat-Al Rustaq, Muscat-Samayil and the Muscat-Shannah-Masirah routes lines in cooperation with the National Ferries Company.

SQU CLARIFIES: Sultan Qaboos University (SQU) has issued a clarification on reports that some restaurants were prohibited from making deliveries inside its campus after 6 pm.
The university said the reports are not true and added that as per the policies, delivery vehicles from restaurants are not allowed after 11 pm. The university said it prevents the entry of delivery vehicles from restaurants that do not meet the licensing requirements.

HOSPITAL DENIES REPORTS: The Ibri hospital said it has been following up the news circulated in the social media about the of harmful bacteria affecting the lives of children.
The hospital denied the reports and stressed that the health situation is normal and urged people to rely on official sources for information.