Mwasalat cuts fares for Khareef visitors

With an attractive RO 5.500 one-way offer to those heading to Salalah, Oman’s national transport company Mwasalat is wooing the holiday-makers to the Dhofar region during the Khareef festival.
As a result, the three daily services are overbooked. One needs to take a chance of a no-show passenger or a last-minute cancellation to avail of a ticket to Salalah.
“We are overbooked to almost all destinations and Salalah tops the list of most popular destinations,” Khalfan al Azri of Mwasalat told the Observer.
Mwasalat has slashed its one-way fare to Salalah to RO 5.500 as against RO 7.500 and the return fare to RO 10.500 (RO 12). The three daily services depart from Al Athaiba at 7.20 am, 10.20 am and 7.20 pm respectively. The offer is valid until the end of August.
In order to streamline all inter-city bookings, the company has shifted the services from Ruwi to its headquarters in Athaiba from June 23.
At Ruwi, the company will be receiving cargo and issuing tickets for other local services.
In order to assess the quality of tourism services in Dhofar region, the National Centre for Statistics and Information (NCSI) has launched a survey of people visiting Salalah and an enumeration card is being distributed in all the buses heading to Salalah.
Besides details about the trip, the survey form will collect information from visitors about the type of accommodation they intend to use in Salalah and other details in order to aid tourism development in the region.