Mwasalat to add 12 new routes in 2018

MUSCAT, Dec 30 – The new year will see Mwasalat, Oman’s national transport company, adding 12 new routes connecting the country’s far-flung areas and increasing the frequency of seven of its existing routes. “We will add 12 new routes in 2018 while increasing our services to select destinations in the capital city and beyond,” Mohammed Salim al Ghafri, Acting General Manager- Corporate Support, Mwasalat, told the Observer. Mwasalat plans to connect various intercity and intracity routes so that people living in these areas find it easier to shuttle between cities and villages. “As for cities such as Suhar, Salalah and the like, we will launch new routes next year as we are aiming at intercity routes that connect capital city with other cities, as well as intracity connections,” said Al Ghafri.

More interior areas will be connected in the coming months, he said on the sidelines of an event that hosted Omani student tourism ambassadors from across the world. “We are supporting the students studying abroad as well as those who wishing to pursue their career overseas by taking them along major tourist destinations in the capital area in our buses.” Mwasalat, which recently introduced the Marhaba taxi, has been encouraging the public to use public transport and help reduce environment pollution, besides supporting the nation in tourism development.