ROP announces alternative route to access Muttrah

Muscat: Royal Oman Police (ROP) has provided alternative access and exit to Muttrah, which has been in lockdown since April.1

The alternative route is Qurum- Darsait – Muttrah – Muscat- Al Bustan (Seaside) road.

On Wednesday, Major Mohammed al Hashmi, Director of Public Relations, Royal Oman Police spoke to Oman Observer on the closures of Muttrah and roads in some part of the capital area.

“Most of the areas such as Muttrah, Ruwi, Wadi Kabir and part of Darsait are shut down.  There is no movement to all these areas starting from today until the further notice,” said Major Al Hashmi.

As for pedestrians either going to work or shop this is what they have to remember.  Major al Hashmi said, “Actually people can go to shops and hospitals but not for walking for the sake of it or jogging because in this situation we want people to stay at home.  It is not allowed to go outside their home because we need to stop the spread of the virus.  What we recommend to all people is to stay at home.  If it is necessary to go outside to shop they can, but just one person for each family.  If there is a need for medical care they can go to the hospital too.  They need to be safe by wearing a mask and gloves.  They need to save themselves and help others by restricting movements and from going out of their residential area.”

When asked if he would like to give advice to the public, Major Hashmi said, “We respect everyone and we appreciate the fact that people understand the situation we are in.  We ask them to stay in their own wilayats and help the authorities of all departments by staying at home.  We need to come out of this situation.”

In regard to fine Major al Hashmi said, “Actually we do not need to fine people.  All people have been respecting the information that has been conveyed to them.  So there is no fine and there is no movement.  We just want people to stay home.”

Other parts such as Bowsher, Gala, Al Hail, and Seeb have no restrictions at the movement.

“But you have to remember there are checkpoints at each governorate.  At each checkpoint, there will be a limited movement for citizens and residents.  They cannot cross to other governorates unless there is a requirement,” Concluded Major Mohammed al Hashmi.

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