Museum exhibition in Mombasa castle opens

936349MOMBASA: National Records and Archives Authority (NRAA) opened a permanent museum exhibition in the Castle of Mombasa, Kenya, after the development, improvement and restoration of places of historical and archaeological landmarks, documentary and collectibles in the Omani House and al- Mazroui Hall and the museum in the castle. Dr Hassan Wario, Kenyan Cabinet Secretary for Sports, Culture and the Arts patronised the opening ceremony, which was held last night, and in the presence of Cabinet Secretary for Tourism, Dr Hamad bin Mohammed al Dhoyani, Chairman of NRAA, Saleh bin Sulaiman al Harthy, Sultanate’s Ambassador to Kenya and a number of senior officials and Omani dignitaries in Mombasa, Lamu and Malindi.
The opening came under the supervision and follow-up of NRAA, in coordination with the Sultanate’s Embassy in Kenya, in collaboration with the Kenyan Ministry of Sports, Culture and the Arts , within the framework of the NRAA efforts in introducing aspects of cultural and historical of the Omanis and their 936351role in the region and what was succeeded by the ancestors of scientific, archaeological and documentary landmarks out of the belief of NRAA highlight those archaeological landmarks and sites.
Dr Hassan Wario, Kenyan Cabinet Secretary for Sports, Culture and the Arts said in his speech that the civilisation in Mombasa Swahili society are linked between African and Arab civilisation, stressing that the Sultanate was able to bring this relationship closer.
He added that the exhibition reflects the fact of the Omani culture and the great role played by the Omanis in East Africa, specifically in Mombasa, when they responded to the request of the people of Mombasa to support them to get rid of the Portuguese occupation, thus their victory and liberation of Mombasa is a victory for the Kenyan people and for the people of Mombasa.
Dr Hamad said in the opening speech that this ceremony captures the meanings of love, affection and the 936350civilised society of Mombasa who contributed to the making of their city as a cultural and historical through which they confirmed the lifestyle that brings them together on tolerance.
The first Hall is named the Omani House that contains the Omani migration waves of Al Julandani and Al Nabhani and other tribes, and the stages of liberation against the Portuguese invasion through Omani response to a request for help from the people of Mombasa until the reign of Al Busaidiyah  State The second hall is named Oman Hall and contains the cultural and historical aspect of Oman since prehistory period to the reign of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos. It showcases documents, manuscripts and collections of daggers, swords, clothing, agricultural production and trade exchange. The third hall is called Modern Oman and contains the development landmarks in the Sultanate in terms of education, health projects and tourist attractions and images for the royal tours of His Majesty the Sultan, the Council of Oman, and the role of woman in development.