Muscat Weight Loss Challenge launched

MUSCAT, Oct 29 – New apps to order food online for home delivery, changing trends in socialising by eating out and lack of physical activities are all leading to obesity says the health expert from Ministry of Health (MoH). The unhealthy lifestyle is taking its toll causing hyper tension, heart disease, sugar, renal diseases and liver disorders in addition to anxiety and depression.
On one side the media attracts public with image of fast food and drinks and on the other hand there is a spotlight on zero size and body image that is almost hard to maintain. Dr Ameera al Raidan, from MoH, said, “This is not just impacting the physical body but mental health too. People are stressed and especially young women are venturing out to slimming teas and unhealthy diet plans. They are even trying out certain drugs that could help them lose weight in a month. Another alert is young women opting out for surgeries to reduce weight to look like supermodels going in for liposuction, tummy tuck and gastric surgery to reduce appetite and this is not healthy. This is with both young women and men.”
According to Kamal Khimji from the Art of Living Foundation, breathing and yoga could provide the holistic way to combat obesity.
“Omani Women’s Association is combining the medical aspects as well as the holistic way. Ayurveda can guide us on the body system of each individual and help us in identifying what is the ideal food for each person.”
Included in the physical activity plan are work out sessions in gym, swimming sessions, group hiking, etc.
Omani Women’s Association had already celebrated the World Obesity Day and they felt it was time for the community to participate in the fight against obesity. “We are at the end of this year and it is time for 2018 New Year resolutions and let us start with optimism to achieve the target. If your body can handle your weight it is fine, but if the body is crying then there is an urgent for attention.
“Only a medical expert can tell us what the right path is to tackle the issue. It is not about losing weight and in the process lose life. We have heard about such cases. That is why we have such a big team to assist the individuals to support the journey,” explained Iman al Gafri from Oman Women’s Association, Muscat.
Dietician Jishy Seby at Kims Oman explained that it is not about the BMI or the body shape, “People only know about obesity when they land up in the hospital with a health problem. Diseases such as cardiovascular or others act faster when one is obese. It is not about getting into ideal weight or the BMI, even if you lose two kilos it gives you a greater advantage and gain five to six years of life.”
About 50 individuals will be selected with BMI as the criteria. They will be given guidelines on how to change their diet, lifestyle, exercise pattern, practicing yoga and meditation for two months.
The winner is decided on the basis of the highest percentage of reduction of BMI in the 60 days.
Registrations are on until November 1. On November 4, the challenge will be launched with the selected participants.

Lakshmi Kothaneth