Muscat ranks third for quality life

NEW YORK: Muscat was ranked the third best Arab city in terms of quality of life, said Mercer, one of the world’s largest HR consultancy firms, which released its Quality of Living Index and published on its website. The survey looks at which cities provide the best quality of life.
As per the Quality of Living Index, Muscat was ranked 106th at the world level in the index sample which included 231 cities.
Muscat stood third at the Arab level after Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Doha, Tunis, Rabat and Amman and Casablanca ranked from fourth to eight respectively.
Austrian capital Vienna topped the list, followed by Zurich of Switzerland, Auckland of New Zealand,
Munich in Germany, Vancouver of Canada, Dusseldorf of Germany.
Baghdad stood at the bottom of the list followed by Bangui in Central Africa, Sanaa and Port-au-Prince the capital of Haiti.
Dubai also ranks highest for infrastructure in 51st place. Only five other cities in this region make the top 100, including Abu Dhabi (67), Port Louis (94), Muscat (97) and Doha (96) for infrastructure.
954977The US-based Mercer’s 19th annual Quality of Living survey generally enables multinational companies to compensate employees fairly when placing them on international assignments. In addition to valuable data, Mercer’s Quality of Living surveys provide hardship premium recommendations for over 450 cities throughout the world; this year’s ranking includes 231 of these cities.
City infrastructure, ranked separately this year, plays an important role when multinationals decide where to establish locations abroad and send expatriate workers. Easy access to transportation, reliable electricity and drinkable water are all important considerations when determining hardship allowances based on differences between a given assignee’s home and host locations.
This is the 19th version of the index prepared by Mercer.
The index relies on a number of factors, such as quality of infrastructure, easy access to means of transport, availability of quality electricity and potable water, telephone and mail services, economic stability, low social and political disorders, availability of banking and health services, availability of media means, culture, entertainment services, restaurants and low level of pollution.
Meanwhile, according to Inter-nations Top Expat Destinations list in 2016, Oman was ranked 22, second to Bahrain (19) and way above other GCC counterparts — UAE (40), Kuwait (67), Saudi Arabia (63) and Qatar (60).