Muscat Municipality lays out guidelines for mobile cafés

Muscat Municipality has issued the Decision No 2017/185 to amend some of the provisions of the regulations on requirements related to activities related to public health. This decision shall be published in the Official Gazette and shall come into effect from the day following the date of its publication

Key Highlights.
The street vendors or mobile cafés shall not operate unless it has obtained the municipal license in accordance with the provisions of regulations laid out by the municipality. Mobile cafés activities can be carried out in public locations such as beaches, holiday sites, public venues, parks after obtaining the necessary approvals from the concerned authorities.
The distance between the proposed the mobile café  and the nearest ‘restaurant’ shall be not less than 200m in all directions.
Electrical cookers shall only be used in the preparation of the foodstuffs discharged to prevent the use of oil for frying.
The following can be sold as ready-to-eat foods – cakes, prepared sweets, cheese dumplings, ready-made pizza pieces, sandwiches and biscuits
. Permission to sell bottled milk, mineral water, salads, readymade milk, and do not allow any other foods to be sold.
It is permissible to sell any foods or other beverages.
The name of the license and registration numbers should be clearly displayed.
A tank to collect wastewater must be installed.
To be fitted with a fluorescent light fixtures
To be fitted with a sealed door that can be opened from inside and outside
To be equipped with proper ventilators, including air conditioners.
Windows must be fitted with a protective cover in the food supply areas to prevent any contaminants from entering or leaving the window.
To be equipped with refrigeration or freezing units for refrigerated and frozen food storage, equipped with a temperature control device.
The operation of refrigeration or freezing units and equipment to heat and save food  should be done when the vehicle is stopped or stopped, in order to maintain the temperature at its specified rate for each type of food.
14. The external structure of the vehicle must be closed from all sides, and paint shall be approved by the municipality
15. The municipality has the right to cancel the parking or change the parking location in order to park the vehicle in any of the following cases –  not the following the parking rules and failure to renew the municipal license.
16. Keep spices and spices in a clean, sealed container.
17. If the bread is served, it should be from one of the bakeries licensed by the municipality.
18. Glass barrierstop prevents contact with customers, and access to the materials used, and the device, and avoid and reduce the dust
19- The water used in the preparation process shall be from the manufactured bottles of certified water, and shall comply with the standard specifications of waste water.