Muscat Municipality launches campaign to promote e-services

Muscat, Oct 28 – Muscat Municipality has launched a promotional campaign for its e-services, which will help people to save time, efforts and costs compared to traditional services.
According to Najla bint Nasser al Rawahiah, Assistant Director General of the Directorate General of Information Technology at Muscat Municipality, said the real objectives of the campaign, is to determine the scope of coverage and identify the target group. A working group has been set up to prepare the plan and the means for communication in coordination with the competent authorities.
She said the aim of the campaign is to define the beneficiaries of these services, in order to ensure the access of the electronic services to the largest possible segment of customers, improve the efficiency and quality of municipal work and increase the level of transparency with the beneficiaries of the services.
Najla said the total number of APP users has now reached 13,592 users and the number visitors to the website stands at 368,647 while the number of the electronic renewal of licences stand at 23,436, 34,621 new building licences and 8,928 building permit renewals have been issued.
On the other hand, 2,515 new parking permits were issued, while 13,350 parking permits were renewed, in addition to the payment of 3,324 vehicle parking violations. The number of users of the services of the Muscat e-commerce portal is 117,64.