Muscat Municipality inaugurates Al Khuwair Square

Muscat:  The Muscat Municipality opened the commercial complex ‘Al Khuwair Square’ on Monday in the presence of the CEO of Bayan Investment Company.

The project, which was built as part of an agreement between the Municipality of Muscat and the Bayan Investment House, is spread over 5150 sqm located in the Al prime Khuwair. The construction was completed in 14 months.

The complex will include open-air dining spaces, 36 commercial establishments over two floors, 200 parking spaces, and a number of public facilities such as prayer halls and public toilets. The project has reached 80% of the rental space.

The agreement included the development and maintenance of Al Khuwair Public Park, adding new games for children, establishing a dedicated fast food outlet under the management of a global operator within the vicinity of the park, in addition to building public toilets in Al Ghubrah Beach Park.