Musandam Dream destination for winter

878121By Yahya Al Salmani — MUSCAT:Dec 24: Come winter and it’s time to explore Musandam peninsula. You have various ways of doing it: going on a cruise, watching dolphins, indulging in adventure or just being a “student of history”.
The peninsula is already witnessing a huge turnout of visitors from within and outside of the Sultanate.
Musandam is considered one of the top destinations in the Middle East for exploring marine life. A short cruise on a traditional dhow is the best way to explore its scenic beauty.
A day tour includes a visit to Khawr Shim, located 17 km from the Khasab harbour. The calm water offers visitors a great opportunity to engage in water sports, including snorkelling, diving, kayaking as well as fishing.
878096Most tourists head to Musandam to watch dolphins in their natural habitat leaping in and out of cool waters, offering visitors a good photo opportunity.
The cruise offers a chance to see small fishing villages such as Nadafi, which has about 50 inhabitants. Qanaha is another fishing village whose makeshift homes blend into the rocky cliffs.
One can see many water tanks in these villages. The tanks, which contain fresh water, are provided free of cost by Public Authority for Electricity and Water. Telegraph Island is another landmark, which is locally called ‘Jazirat al Maqlab’. According to official tourism sources, the British laid the first telegraph cable at the place in 1864. It ran from India to Iraq.
The island was manned for 10 years.
Visitors might event get a chance to visit a spot from where the station master would send telegrams to different places. Remnants of the building still exist.