Municipality unveils norms for barbershops

MUSCAT, NOV 4 – Muscat Municipality has adopted new regulations for different types of public health-related activities, including barbershops.
The civic body said its employees or inspectors should be allowed to inspect shops, equipment and accessories used for services any time.
“All barbershops must be equipped with appropriate chairs, tables, and mirrors apart from connecting its handwashing unit to a hot water source along with detergents and disinfectants to clean the shaving tools after each use,” stipulate the new regulations.
All shops should have sterilisation devices as per the standard specifications and have adequate stock of clean aprons and towels to avoid their reuse before washing.
The shop owners must ensure that clothes used by the employees are washed in hygienic conditions and that first aid kits available for medical care.
According to the regulations, if the shop provides facial cleaning services, an additional area of not less than four square metres should be provided in each shop.
All barber shops should be equipped with special containers for the disposal of sharp materials.
The chairs or sofas for waiting customers should be of high quality.
Additionally, shops can install television and drinking water for the customers.
There should be a minimum distance between two styling stations at each saloon.
The shops are prohibited to use expired cosmetics or the ones without details as prescribed by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.