MRMWR clarifies outlets that can remain open

SALALAH – The Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources (MRMWR) has clarified on the commercial outlets that can remain open under the prevailing circumstances.

It stated that commercial activities like animal feed stores, shops selling seeds, fertilizers, and pesticides are in the closure list. It
also does not apply to establishments dealing with cooking gas sales and fuel stations.

In line with the directives of the Supreme Committee responsible for dealing with the Coronavirus situation, the MRMWR has decided to close certain business activities.

So, as per the clarification, shops and business activities involved in selling food, food stores, restaurants, cafes, and mobile cafes (orders and delivery) are exempted from the closure decision.

Medical clinics, veterinary wards, pharmacies, and optical shops are exempted from closure.

Among not listed in closed categories are bakeries, bottled water distribution outlets, halwa factories, food industries, grain and feed stores, meat, and poultry shops.

“Shops selling sweets and nuts, fish, ice cream and corn and shops selling vegetables and fruits juice (ordering and delivering), grill mills, honey, dates, animal and poultry raising, are also not in the closure list of activities,” the MRMWR said.

Oman Observer