MRMWR calls to ensure food safety

Muscat: The Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources (MRMWR) has urged all involved in the handling of food items to ensure consumer safety and in production, packaging and distribution in view of the COVID-19 spread.

Accordingly, all edible stuff in supply inside the country should meet health regulations and other standards to ensure that the foodstuffs reach the consumer healthily and safely, according to a spokesperson at the MRMWR.

“We are keen on enhancing our role in monitoring the various food establishments to ensure that the institutions apply the requirements for physical spacing and provide markers that determine the distances for spacing on the floors because of the safety and security of the consumers during the pandemic,” said a senior official at the Ministry.

The MRMWR has initiated a campaign towards achieving food safety to highlight how to properly handle food and precautionary efforts to be taken to safeguard both the citizens and residents of Oman.

Named ‘Ahad’, a programme initiated by the Center for Food Safety and Quality at the MRMWR, the initiative aims to enhance the awareness of food handlers on

how to properly handle food in all stages, and underline the precautionary measures taken among consumers for food.

“The campaign, while monitoring the food outlets for safety and security, also involves field visits to food establishments to prevent disease outbreaks under the pandemic, and highlight the role of the Food Safety and Quality Center in Control the exported and imported food at the border outlets,” he said.

“We will also make sure that the companies are taking health safety requirements and preventive measures in food establishments and give emphasis to the special recommendations that can be applied regarding the safety of workers in the food sector.”

The use of clean materials and tools and the provision of antiseptics and sterilisers at the entrances of centers and establishments and sterilising the handles of shopping carts to ensure the health and safety of all will be the team’s concern, he further added.