Move to speed up Omanisation in health sector

Muscat: The government will intensify efforts to replace the expatriates in the health sector with citizens.

The Ministry of Labour organised a joint meeting with the Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OCCI) and the Ministry of Health (MoH) represented by the General Directorate of Private Health Institutions, on Monday to discuss plans for recruiting Omanis in the health sector.

The meeting was chaired by Shaikh Nasr bin Amer al Hosni, Under-Secretary of the Ministry of Labour, in the presence of Reda bin Jumah al Salih, Chairman of the Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry; and Dr Mazen bin Jawad al Khabouri, Director-General of the General Directorate of Private Health Institutions in the Ministry’s General Office; and officials of the private health institutions.

The under-secretary called on private health institutions to cancel subcontracts of the expatriate workforce, which will contribute to creating job opportunities for Omanis in the future.

He said the ministry, in cooperation with the competent authorities in the Ministry of Health, is ready to provide training opportunities for the national workforce, which will help them to take up jobs currently occupied by the expatriates.

The ministry is working in coordination with government agencies in various economic sectors to start the process of replacing the expatriate workforce with Omani cadres.

The human resources managers of private institutions have expressed their willingness to cooperate with the Ministry of Labour in implementing replacement plans that will contribute to the stability of the job market.

During the meeting, it was agreed to form a joint working committee between the Ministry of Labour, OCCI, and the Directorate General of Private Health Institutions and a number of human resources managers to study the challenges facing this sector.

Recently, the Under-secretary of the Ministry of Labour had met human resources managers of finance and money exchange companies and banks operating in the Sultanate and discussed issues related to sub-employment contracts given to the expatriates and the subsequent failure to ensure job opportunities for Omanis.