MoT issues road classification guide

Muscat: The Ministry of Transport has issued Road Numbering and Classification Guide (RNCG) which contains 415 roads with a total length of 12,152 km. These include national, arterial roads, secondary roads as well as the local roads which lead to tourist destinations.

The guide contains 10 national roads with a total length of 2,755 km in addition to 13 arterial roads with a total length of 2,883 km. The

RNCG is aimed to classify and number the bituminous roads through the adoption of an integrated methodology with a view to developing the road network and enhancing road safety. Besides, the RNCG helps road-users to easily reach their destinations.

The project involves the classification of asphalt roads and numbering of all the exits on the major intersections in accordance with the proposed classification and numbering methodology of the GCC unified traffic control guide.

As per the methodology, the exits on main roads have been numbered based on the exit location in kilometres starting from the beginning of the roads. The intersections on the main roads were numbered using the same methodology.

Noah al Maamari