MoT holds workshops on crisis management in the tourism sector

MUSCAT, SEPT 24 – The Ministry of Tourism (MoT) has organised two workshops on crisis management in the tourism sector for its employees. The workshops were organised with the aim to introduce all employees to the ‘crisis management’ department, and take them through its many facets, structure, while detailing its means of coordination with related institutions. A presentation illustrating the plans of the department and its programmes that aim to prevent hazards and effectively handle potential risks was also made. The programmes ensure the safety of citizens and visitors, and promote Oman as a safe and secure tourism destination.
The workshops included an introductory presentation on the approaches used to manage crisis in the tourism sector as well as a discussion session. Several interactive drills and exercises that aimed at training the participants to deal with realistic simulation exercises were also a part of the workshop.
The crisis management programme also detailed a couple of steps that should be followed, such as: preventing the crisis by defining and assessing the potential risks, determining the indicators and preparing techniques to predict and prevent the potential risk. It also offered training team members on the necessary tools required to assess the potential risks that occurred, and facilitated the exchange of expertise and knowledge vis-à-vis the same.
Given the rapid expansion of the tourism operations and activities in Oman, the Ministry of Tourism is paying special attention to the field of crisis management as it helps plan to overcome the challenges caused in advance.
The crisis management department is executing a number of activities that are part of its future plans, such as: Putting an integrated crisis management plan in place, collaborating with a number of organisations, consulting experts in the field, and planning reviews and revisions.
The department will also participate in upcoming international conferences to stay up-to-date, as well as organise periodic training programmes for the ministry’s employees.