More jobs available for Omanis in various sectors

MUSCAT, July 10 – As part of its efforts to find more jobs for the citizens, the Ministry of Manpower has announced the availability of more opportunities in various establishments. “Candidates without prior experience, yet registered with the Public Authority for Manpower Registry can apply for the positions,” said a statement from the ministry. According to the statement, 347 more vacancies in different categories are open for Omani youth. Details are available on the ministry website. A senior official at the ministry told the Observer that the government’s goal is to facilitate citizens’ access to employment opportunities. “This is being done while taking into account the growth in the number of graduates,” he said.

Last week, the Royal Army of Oman, in coordination with the General Authority for Manpower Register, announced the availability of a number of career opportunities. More than 29,000 Omanis have been employed in various private sector institutions across the Sultanate between December 3, 2017 and May 14, 2018, according to the ministry. This was done as part of the government’s plan announced in October to provide jobs to nationals. The government gives special emphasis to the training of Omani job-seekers in order to enhance their skills and capacities so that they can join the labour market. In this respect, the National Training Fund has been established and RO 62 million allocated to cover the cost of training programmes in the 2018 budget.

According to recruitment firm Jobibex, employers in Oman are receptive to hiring Omanis more than ever before. “As for Omanisation, we can confidently say Omani employers are very serious about having more Omanis on board. It is not only derived from regulatory requirements but also by the success of Omanisation initiatives. The challenge remains in Omani job-seekers realising this opportunity,” it said in a report.