More dump trucks to be fitted with tracking chip

Muscat, Feb 11 – The Health and Environment Committee of Majlis Ash’shura hosted experts and officials from Muscat Municipality on Monday to discuss the installation of tracking equipment in garbage trucks. The meeting was aimed at exchanging views on the appropriate mechanisms to reduce the volume of pollution resulting from waste disposal. During the meeting, the municipality informed that it started installing the tracking system in dumping vehicles from 2014, with the total number estimated to be at 332. It plans to cover 403 more vehicles, which will bring the total number to 735.

The meeting also discussed the methods of waste collection and sorting of solid and medical waste, tires, factory waste, building demolition debris and construction waste. The specialists stressed the importance of recycling waste and making use of it, in addition to creating awareness among school students about the dangers of indiscriminate dumping. Muscat Municipality’s experience with vehicle tracking and monitoring systems in cooperation with a private company, the role of these devices in tracking vehicle routes, distances and hours of work, the amount of cargo entering the dump yards and the places allocated for dumping were discussed.

Specialists pointed out that the monitoring systems require people to manage and follow up data from devices according to pre-determined tracks.