MoHE cautions over unrecognised courses

Mai al Abria –
Jan. 5: The Ministry of Higher Education has noted cases of agencies attempting to scam residents by offering them higher education qualifications, or accreditation.
The ministry urged people to be cautious when approached by such agencies, stressing that it is the only official institution in the Sultanate that is authorised to deal with matters pertaining to qualification accreditation.
Citizens who wish to study abroad can refer the website of the Ministry of Higher Education, to check if the educational institution is listed within the recommended institutions by it, and to seek the ministry’s approval to resume studying abroad before engaging in the study programme, Zakiya al Khusaibia, Assistant Director, Department of qualifications, MoHE, said.
Al Khusaibia added: “The ministry also acknowledges the need to apply for qualification requests issued by external institutions of higher education through the ministry’s website only, and not to respond to any blackmail. The ministry urges students to report any cases of blackmail to avoid the implications of such actions”.
Article 288 of the panel law states that (for scamming methods and all kinds of fraud: anyone obtains benefit to himself or others unlawfully with fraudulent intention shall be imprisoned for a period from three months to two years and a fine of RO 10 to RO 300. The punishment doubles if the victim is an individual under 18 years old or an adult with recognition impairment).

The same article is emphasised by Article 13 of the Cyber Crime Law. The penalty with imprisonment for a period not less than one year and not exceeding three years and a fine not less than RO 1,000 and not exceeding RO 3,000 or by either penalty, shall be applied to any person who intentionally and illegally inputs or amends or changes, or mischief or disfigure or delete data or electronic information in an informational electronic system or conceal the information from the system or make interference with the system or its operating tools or break down the information technology tools or pro-grams or the electronic sites and whereby causes harm to the beneficiaries or the users to achieve an interest or to obtain a benefit to himself or others unlawfully with fraudulent in-tent.
If the information system concerning a government unit or a bank or a financial institution, then the punishment shall be imprisonment for a period not less than three years and not exceeding fifteen years and a fine not less than RO 3,000 and not exceeding RO 20,000.