Mohammed Saud Bahwan honoured with Toyota’s highest marketing awards

Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) has honoured Mohammed Saud Bahwan, Chairman Saud Bahwan Automotive (SBA) with the prestigious Diamond Award for Overall Marketing Achievement, Gold Award for Excellence in Marketing and the Outstanding Customer Service Excellence Award (CSEA).
Humbly accepting the awards, Mohammed Saud Bahwan, Chairman, Saud Bahwan Automotive remarked, “I would like to dedicate this honour to our valued customers. It is only by serving them well that we have been recognised with the highest awards. I take this historic moment to achieve newer milestones in customer delight… now and in the years ahead.”
Toyota in Oman has been synonymous with quality and enduring value-for-money.
The far-sighted combination of world-class products supported by customer service of an equal calibre has elevated Toyota into a household name.
Mohammed Saud Bahwan further said, “It is due to wise business policies that Oman enjoys all round peace, progress and prosperity.
This has led to international recognition of Omani businesspersons. I pray to God Almighty to bestow good health and long life upon His Majesty.”
In Oman, Toyota’s journey began over three generations ago and since then it has come a long way.
Today, Toyota is a household name.
This is due to Toyota’s intrinsic value — its QDR and the astute initiative of SBA’s marketing professionals.“We make our customers the focus of everything we do,” the spokesperson reiterates.
For Saud Bahwan Automotive, ‘Customer Satisfaction No 1’ is not just a slogan — it is a key business philosophy.
All the activities revolve around customers. The huge investments made in infrastructure, human resources and marketing initiatives are all aimed towards enhancing customer satisfaction levels.
The Group’s innovative customer care initiatives combine to provide a whole new customer experience.