MoH organises health exhibition on kidney diseases

MUSCAT: The Directorate-General of Health Services at the Governorate of Muscat, represented by the Department of Nursing and Bausher Renal Dialysis Centre, organised on Tuesday a health exhibition on kidney and chronic diseases.
The exhibition was held under the auspices of Hilal bin Hamad al Sarmi, Member of Ash’shura Council, Representative of Al Seeb, with the presence of MoH Directors-General, and healthcare providers at Bausher Polyclinic.
The event aimed at raising awareness on the key factors that cause chronic kidney failure.
The exhibition included several corners that highlighted the kidney diseases, causes and prevention methods. The therapeutic and non-therapeutic aspect of the diseases was spotted including kidney transplantation and dialysis.
There are about 24 MoH renal dialysis centres in the Sultanate in different Governorates, in which 1,729 patients receiving blood purification dialysis and 188 patients undergoing peritoneal dialysis at Royal Hospital, as well as hospitals in Suhar, Ibra, Sinaw, Al Rustaq and Nizwa.