MoH develops app that alerts about Covid positive people around you

MUSCAT: Download the Ministry of Health’s Tarassud Plus mobile app even if one does not have COVID-19, advises an official.

The app can alert the user if there is a presence of a person with coronavirus symptoms anywhere in the proximity.

The benefits are many, said Dr. Sulien al Khalili from the Ministry of Health while she explained the functions of the apps.

The main objective of this Artificial Intelligence system is to reduce the spread of the coronavirus with its geographical tracking feature.

 “By activating the system you will be able to assess your health status by analysing the symptoms if you have any and see if it is related to COVID-19.  On the other hand, if one is infected and is meant to be in isolation then it can check on the individual’s adherence to the instructions and provide information whether the person is available at home or moving about,” explained Dr Sulien.

If the application is downloaded it can alert individuals if there is a presence of a person with COVID-19 anywhere in the proximity.

“It is used for isolated people and their families but I recommend everyone to download the application because it can help in having your own database of information in addition to guidelines on health status in connection with symptoms,” she explained.

In regard to the current situation with the number of COVID-19 confirmed cases Dr. Sulien said it is the norm of the epidemiology of the pandemic.

“We are opening up so many activities and trying to go back to normal life.  So the increase in the number of cases is expected.  Of course, people have had the time to learn about the nature of the pandemic so what we ought to do now is to go back to our knowledge and logic.  Yes, we are going back to normal life but that does not mean the virus has gone.  It is very much around us.  We have to take precautions and avoid risks,” advised the expert.

She urged not to forget hand hygiene, which is the cornerstone of prevention and secondly, the use of masks especially if you are around people.

According to her, the system has been helpful in keeping in contact with people and guiding them.  There has been a good response from people who have begun to use the app.

“I think the main reason is that the individuals have the support when they really need it, and for us it has made our lives easy because nowadays the geographical data such as where they are located and how many are infected as well as how many have been in contact are all now easier to comprehend.  It is also convenient to communicate with the people,” said Dr Sulien al Khalili.

The medical scout is available in five languages – Arabic, English, Hindi, Bangladeshi and Urdu.

Download the app here-