Modi talks about safety, women empowerment

NEW DELHI: Touching upon the issues of daily safety, women empowerment and “technology for welfare” in his monthly radio address “Mann Ki Baat”, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said his dream of “New India” was the one where women were strong and empowered and equally contributed to the country’s development.
He also urged the people to become conscious and aware of their own safety and said technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) must ensure the welfare of the poor, the underprivileged and the needy.
The Prime Minister said: “If we are not aware of safety in daily life, if we are not able to attain a certain level, it will get extremely difficult during the time of disasters.
“There are messages and slogans everywhere about safety measures at work places and on streets. But these messages are hardly followed. If we stay alert, abide by the prescribed rules, we shall not only be able to save our own lives but we can prevent catastrophes harming society.”
Urging the concerned departments under corporations and municipalities who possess the fire brigades to visit different schools once a week or a month and conduct mock drills, he said it will have dual benefit free of cost.
The Prime Minister said that India was a land of geographic and climatic diversities.
“As far as disasters are concerned, the country has witnessed different disasters including chemical and industrial mishaps.”
Modi lauded the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) for reaching areas hit by earthquakes, floods, cyclones and landslides within no time. — IANS