Moderate rain surprises residents in Salalah

SALALAH, Feb 12 – Salalah and its adjoining areas received early morning rain shower on Tuesday, as sun kept on playing hide and seek during the day. It was a pleasant surprise to the residents as drizzling welcomed most of them on the way to their work places. For the last one week, skies were over cast and the people were expecting rain. Most parts of Salalah and its adjoining mountain villages received moderate rain and no disruption of traffic was reported from any part of the Dhofar Governorate.
The newly introduced bridges and expanded roads also play a big role in managing any such situation, as the impact of the rain on the roads was not too much in terms of traffic jams. The residents called the bridges in Itin and Saada huge relief and force them to remember the situation earlier on Salalah roads when even small spell of rain would lead to traffic jams. “It would have been long queue of vehicles all around had there been no bridges… the rain came as mood changer and we are planning to have a barbeque gathering either on the foothills of Itin or Saada,” said Abdullah, who stays in Saada and commutes daily to Raysut for work.
According to Salalah Met office (DG of Meteorology), the sudden change in weather was mainly due to prevailing moderate low pressure in the Gulf region. “It caused isolated light rain in Salalah city, on the mountains and adjoining coastal areas.” The forecast suggested isolated light rain in these areas till the evening and change in wind direction to northerly on Wednesday and Thursday. “There are chances of dry weather and clear sky from tomorrow,” said the weatherman. The sky, however, was still cast with lower clouds till filing of this report and day’s temperature ranged between 22 and 27 degrees Celsius.