MoCI urges pvt sector to enhance economic growth

MUSCAT: The Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI) urged the private sector to enhance its efforts to contribute to the growth of national economy and avail job opportunities for Omanis. The ministry seeks to enhance the capabilities of the commerce and industry sectors by developing general policies, studies and legislations and ensure their effective implementation.
MoCI’s Statistics Department pointed out the number of commercial registrations registered during the third quarter of 2017 stood at 6,415 including 3,941 entrepreneurs, 25 errand sellers, 485 domestic business, 353 partnership companies, 254 commandite companies, 1,162 limited liability companies, 3 commercial representation offices, 173 investment companies, 12 branches for international companies, 4 closed joint stock companies and 3 public organisations.
The ministry affirmed that it is going ahead in its plan for e-transformation through Invest Easy Portal which processes transactions very quickly with high accuracy in sharing information among relevant stakeholders. The Portal helps decision makers to take informed decisions that address the individual registrations and reduce illicit trade. The e-transformation will play a key role in improving business environment in the Sultanate. — ONA