MoCI successfully implements concrete quality testing lab

MUSCAT: The Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI), represented by the Directorate-General of Standards and Metrology, organised and implemented the Proficiency Test (PT) in the field of testing concrete for the first time in the Sultanate.
The samples were prepared and tested at the physics and building materials labs. The samples were packed and distributed into the labs taking part in the programme. The results were analysed and final reports were issued.
Rahma bint Darwish al Balushiyah, Director of Labs at the Directorate-General of Standards and Metrology, said that 14 labs including 11 public and private labs from the Sultanate and 3 from the UAE took part in the programme, which tests the proficiency of the tests conducted by the labs taking part in the testing of concrete.
The aim of this test is to ensure accuracy and proficiency of the tests carried out by the local and foreign labs.
On her turn, Zahra bint Ali al Siyabiyah, Head of Accreditation
at the Directorate-General of Standards and Metrology, said that the proficiency tests, which are the first of their kind in the Sultanate in the field of concrete came in coordination with the GCC Standardisation Organisation (GSO) and the Materials and Technological Products Centre of the Ministry of Industry in Indonesia.
Pleas for exemption custom duties

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry provides a number of electronic services that aim at facilitating imported and exported goods and reducing the cost of export and import. They also aim at enhancing the partnership between the Public Administration for Customs at the Royal Oman Police and the various categories of society and encouraging local and foreign investments in the Sultanate.
The MoCI pointed out that the number of industrial transactions that have been processed by the Directorate-General of Industry through ‘Bayan’ system during the third Q, 2017, stood at 1,065 for the GCC (Form B, exemption for industrial establishments imports).
It also processed 75 custom exemption applications for the imported equipment, spare parts and primary raw materials. It processed 41 ministerial decisions by the Ministry of Finance for the custom exemptions.
MoCI pointed out that getting an industrial licence is a perquisite to get custom exemption as per the Law (System) of the Unified Industrial Organisations for the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries promulgated by the Royal Decree No 61/2008, its executive regulation and the two ministerial decisions (56/66/2009) issued by the Ministry of Finance. — ONA