MoCI registers ‘scanning charger’ as patent

MUSCAT: The Ministry of Commerce and Industry has registered a ‘scanning charger’ as patent in its department of intellectual property. The charger is the outcome of the efforts made by Taghreed bint Hamad al Rahbi to transform the energy generated every day in the classrooms when students and teachers remove or scan their blackboard into a chemical energy which is stored in the battery for later use. This patent registration is meant for protecting the inventor and her rights from any violation of anybody who could try to use it without her prior permission.
The new invention is a scanner or remover which has two electric power generators that could be used for charging batteries. They generate electricity when they are moved on blackboards. Taghreed bint Hamad al Rahbi said that the idea of the project came when she started thinking about the efforts made by the students and teachers daily in the classroom while removing or scanning the blackboard. I thought that this idea could be converted to a patent by conserving the energy being wasted into a chemical energy stored in battery to be used later either for charging phones or for other simple electrical appliances used on a daily basis.
Taghreed said that the project was aimed at manufacturing a blackboard or whiteboard scanner or remover which stores the energy produced by it as electrical energy to be used for charging phones. She pointed out that the blackboard remover or scanner has two generators which produce electric energy for charging batteries. The generators produce electrical current while moving the remover or scanner in one direction to prevent reverse current.
The scanning chargers have a battery charging circuit and a screen to display the charging level. In addition to this, there are two emergency lamps for emergency use which are lit by pressing red button in it. When the scanner is moved in the blackboard or whiteboard, it produces kinetic energy which is stored as chemical energy when it reaches into the charger. When the red button is pressed, it gets activated and can be used anywhere safely, she said.
“Electricity is one of the various types of energy found in nature. Electrical power can be generated naturally by just a friction, as well as through renewable methods, by transforming kinetic energy to chemical energy, such as: batteries which generate energy in a constant current.
Taghreed al Rahbi said that the scanner charger has huge economic importance as it generates energy from daily wasted normal acts. The project easily produces energy and every individual gets benefit of it as it reduces the cost.
She also said that the project has many benefits, including the use of daily habits for other interests such as generation of electricity by moving scanner or remover on black or whiteboards and use the energy for charging phones or other simple electrical appliances with more safety compared with charging with high voltage.