MoCI ensures lawful use of custom exemptions

MUSCAT, APRIL 28 – A team, which is meant for ensuring lawful use of custom exemptions granted to industrial establishments for the year 2018, started inspection of factories. The team was formed by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI) to supervise and monitor the industrial establishments who have been exempted from customs for their imports. The team would give reports of its ground visits and a report about its study of the rules of the exemption. It would also give recommendations in the light of the vision of the government and achievement of the objectives. This is necessary to accelerate the economic development.
Eng Mohammad bin Saeed al Mahrouqi (pictured), head of custom exemptions section in the Directorate General of Industry, MoCI, said: “The team is entrusted with the task of making regulatory base for the process of evaluation of the industrial establishments and the extent of their needs for exemption as well as to check the imports of machines and equipment of the industrial establishment exempted from customs and that they are present in the factories.
The team would also make the list of the non-exempted items and which are not directly related to the process of production. It would also identify each exempted industrial establishments, determine the level of exemption for each of them separately.
This is in addition to the confirmation that the machines and equipment imported under this exemption are present inside the factories for which they were meant, the production line working in the factory, production capacity of the factory and the details of its industrial licenses.