MoCI encourages Omani factories to produce basic medical goods

Muscat: The Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI) clarified that it continues, in coordination with government and private agencies, continues to provide medical and other needs, such as personal protection equipment.

Sami bin Salim al Saheb, Director General of Industry, MoCI, said, “Coronavirus posed unprecedented challenges for the public and private sectors in the Sultanate. The Ministry of Commerce and Industry has put in place precautionary measures for industrial establishments to ensure the safety of workers in those establishments and maintain the continuity of work of those facilities in light of banning by some countries to export their products.”

He indicated that the Omani industries are raising and developing their production capabilities through the use of their research and development resources and the utilization of existing ones.

He stated that there are companies that produce basic commodities for personal protective equipment in the Sultanate, including sterilizers, gloves, and masks. He pointed out that Salalah Medical Supplies Manufacturing company produces three million masks and two million medical gloves every month, while the National Detergent Company, Oman Perfume Factory and Reem Investment and Trading currently produce about three million bottles of hand sanitizers per month. “They can produce up to 8.5 million bottles if the raw materials are available, and all production lines are used,” he added.

He explained that the demands on these products are high and they are used by the health sectors, industrial establishments, commercial companies, and establishments. He explained that some of these industries face a shortage of raw materials due to increase in demand as many countries stopped exporting them and closed their transportation facilities. He added, “However, and through coordination with Asyad and Oman Air, it was agreed to import raw materials directly to the Sultanate by sea and air, therefore, we expect that there will be no problem in the future in the availability of raw materials.”

The director-General of Industry, MoCI affirmed that the Ministry received four new applications from the private sector in April to manufacture personal protective equipment, such as medical hand disinfectants, gloves and masks, as these requests are products of international standards, especially from the World Health Organization. He added that it is expected to start production soon, noting that some of those applications reached the advanced stage of obtaining final approvals. ONA.

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