Mobile expo raises awareness against drug menace

SALALAH, July 30 – Amid entertainment and fun, the Salalah Tourism Festival is a platform also for meaningful messages, which various government agencies use to create awareness among the masses. There is a mobile bus put up by the Royal Oman Police to create awareness against use of drugs. It attracts a large number of visitors on daily basis. The awareness bus is one among many other measures that the anti-drug agency called the Directorate-General of Combating Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (DGDSC) works for to fight the drug menace.
The DGDSC has been assigned the job of combating drugs and psychotropic substances as also to convince the youth that one can lead a very happy life without drugs. It convinces them to be away from the drug menace. The DGDSC bus is equipped with posters, drug samples and some exhibits that explain the nefarious designs of the drug dealers.
“Those involved in this nefarious trade spare no effort to weaken the youth through drugs and psychotropic substances. It is imperative to launch drive to save the youngsters,” said one DGDSC representative.
“Our purpose here is to interact with as much people as possible and explain them the dangers of falling into the trap of the drug dealers, he said and added that besides keeping a vigil on all sorts of nefarious activities and dealing sternly with those who are involved in the dirty practice, the DGDSC decided to take the awareness campaign against the menace to a higher level.
“It is better to have some preventive measures to avoid a problem. This is a problem which not only affects an individual, but also a family and society as well. We are here to explain the visitors about the menace how to avoid the trap used by the drug dealers,” said the a police officer.
Among the exhibits in the bus are materials seized from drug dealers. They include injections, powders, soaps, shoes and cigarettes. It also shows samples of common drugs such as opium, cocaine, opium, morphine and heroin.
The awareness bus is evoking good response as most of the festival visitors visit the mobile exhibition and try to understand the real issues and the government’s efforts to check it.
“Most of the visitors are parents with teenage children as they want their children to understand the problem. We keep on moving in every wilayat of the Sultanate round the year,” said the officer. The DGDSC has a dedicated cell which encourages people to interact with the directorate for any drugs related information either through toll free hotline number 1444 or via e-mail on

Kaushalendra Singh