Mobile cafes seized for violations

Muscat Municipality has confirmed that four mobile cafes were impounded in the Wilayat of Seeb for either operating without a licence or not following the stipulated guidelines.
The municipality said two mobile cafes violated the terms and conditions mentioned in their licence while the third one carried out activities without a licence.
The fourth mobile cafe was seized for operating in an area that was not specified in the licence.
Mobile cafes were doing the business despite several letters issued by the civic authorities warning them against the violations.
On January 7 this year, some of the licenced operators were issued notices as they failed to comply with the conditions or operated in non-licenced streets.
Notices were issued to the mobile cafes asking them to remove their vehicles within 48 hours or face removal by the municipality.
“The municipality used all the friendly means for more than a year to ensure that the interests complied with the law, before their vehicles were removed from the site,” the statement said.
The municipality said that it continues to monitor the activities of mobile street vendors as per the decision 2017/185 to ensure that they meet the health safety requirements.
“As there has been an increase in the number of mobile food vendors in the capital area, it is essential to make sure that their operations comply with the general character of the city, food quality and safety standards,” it said.
The municipality has been organising training and awareness programmes for the benefit of these street vendors, apart from issuing regulations that determine the specific areas where the activities of street vendors are permitted.
Muscat Municipality requested the sellers to operate only in their designated areas and added that in the Seeb area 44 licences were issued for such activities across six streets.
“More licences will be issued, taking into consideration the increasing number of requests for starting this business in the Seeb area,” the statement said.