Mishkak, Omanis’ favourite snack

917982By Badriya Al Balushi — MUSCAT: Feb 4 – Oman is known for its mouthwatering traditional dishes, among which is the ‘Mishkak’ barbecue, one of the most popular snacks across the country. Mishkak barbecue is a typical lamb meat cut into cubes and seasoned with black pepper, salt and herbs, besides tamarind hot sauce, skewer it and place it over charcoal grill. The meat is cooked until it turns dark brown on both sides. Always leave space between chunks of meat on the skewer so that they get cooked properly. A number of skewers can be placed on the grill at a time.

Some Omanis prefer camel meat over lamb or goat meat, while some prefer cow meat. The meat is said to be more delicious when it is marinated for a longer time, probably overnight. What makes Mishkak 917983distinctive is its aroma. This snack is served with rice/ bread in Omani homes either for lunch or dinner. You can enhance the taste by dipping it in tamarind sauce before eating. Omanis are known for their hospitality. Mishkak barbecue is served to guests and relatives. It is the most favoured dish during occasions such as Eid Al Adha and Eid Al Fitr. Families prepare Mishkak in large portions and have it with relatives at gatherings. It is also sent to neighbours.

Ayda al Suraihi, from Wilayat Al Musannah speaking to Observer saying “Mishkak is must-have snack at least once a month.” Mishkak is also sold at the tourist spots across the country. Some Omanis and expatriates sell it near beaches or crossroads in villages across Oman. Mishkak snack is also prepared in the other Arab and Gulf countries.

— Pictures by Ayda Salim al Suraihi