Ministry warns fake sellers

MUSCAT, SEPT 7 – The Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI) received a total number of 20 complaints against the counterfeited trademarks and brands in 2019 till date. Ali bin Hamad al Mamari, the head of the Intellectual Property Rights Monitoring Department at MoCI, said: “The losses and damages caused by counterfeiting the registered and protected trademarks and brands have many dimensions and impact.
“Counterfeited trademarks and brands result in the lack of investors’ confidence and misleading consumers. This prohibited behaviour has deeper impact in case of food products; as counterfeiting the original trademark affects directly the public health and safety.
“MoCI takes all required procedures to fight counterfeited trademarks and brands which are illegally introduced to the Sultanate. Some of these complaints were against the violation of intellectual property rights such as circulating and offering for sale some counterfeited brands of decoding devices that were used in coffeehouses. A number of the submitted complaints was against counterfeiting the original brand of food products and building materials,” said al Mamari.
The head of the Intellectual Property Rights Monitoring Department at MoCI highlighted that efforts of inspection drives are continued to provide maximum level possible of protection to the original trademarks and brands and all intellectual property rights in the Sultanate of Oman.
“MoCI warns traders, suppliers and importers against circulating and selling products bearing counterfeited trademarks and brands as they violate the GCC Unified Trademark Law No 33/2017.
“Furthermore, MoCI warns against any violation to all copyrights, patent rights and industrial designs rights. Accordingly, we call for all traders, importers, suppliers, vendors and consumers to not circulate, offer to sale, buy or promote any products having counterfeited brands and trademarks,” said al Mamari.