Ministry warning against abuse of Omani traditional dress

Muscat: The Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MOCI) warned the owners of shops selling and stitching men and women dresses against any abuses of traditional Omani dresses and costumes such as caps, Musar or turban, men and others.

It has warned that such abuses either by cutting or sewing or printing slogans and trademarks of foreign clubs or by making drawings contrary to the public interest are not allowed. The ministry has said it is also not permissible to merge designs of Musar and the Omani cap or other traditional dresses in any form as it will be considered against the traditional costumes of Omanis.

The Department of Commercial Affairs of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry said that Omani traditional dresses were important symbols of Omani heritage. In its previous announcement, the ministry had already warned all commercial institutions and companies to stop any abuses which harm some Omani traditional clothing and fashion.

MOCI said that this warning was being issued after it was found that some commercial establishments were violating Ministerial Decision  270/2015 which banned the import of some products.

Some of these establishments were found importing and selling items which are offensive to the Omani dress identity and costumes. Some establishments were also found selling products which had images and slogans considered offensive or against the common moral practices, costumes and public order of Oman.

MOCI said that it was continuing its inspection drive in sewing shops in various governorates of the Sultanate. For the purpose, it has deployed a team of inspectors which work under directorates and departments in various governorates of the country. It has urged all to abide by the rules and regulations as well as protect the Omani costumes in its original form and do not purchase or market products in violations of this decision.


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