Ministry supports wheat farmers with better seeds and equipment

Adam: Wheat in the Sultanate is mostly grown in the Wilayat of Adam in the Governorate in Al Dakhiliyah. Because wheat is a key component of food security, its cultivation is receiving all attention from the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (MoAF). The ministry supports and encourages farmers with seeds of high-yielding varieties as well as modern harvesting machines.
Currently, new types of wheat crops, which are resistant to heat and diseases, have been developed by the MoAF. Mohammed bin Khalfan al Mahrouqi, Director of the Agricultural Development Department in Wilayat of Adam, said, “The interest in cultivating wheat crop in the Wilayat of Adam is old. This year the department distributed 2,300 kg of different types of seeds to 16 farms. The cultivated area reached about 42 acres compared to 24 in 2019, and the quantity of seed distributed is over 1,200 kg’’.
He said that the cultivation of wheat crop in the Wilayat of Adam faces some challenges, the most important of which is the lack of water and experienced farmhands.
The ministry provides various types of support to grow the wheat crop from the beginning of its cultivation in November or December until the harvest in April.
He said, “The harvesting process takes place in April with the use of modern machines that removes the grain from husk with great speed and precision. This is one of the types of support provided by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries to farmers throughout the Sultanate… MoAF buys the wheat crop from the farmers of Adam. The price per kilo ranges between 600 baisas to RO 1. — ONA