Minister hails Haya’s conservation role in Ansab Wetlands

MUSCAT: Ahmed bin Nasser al Mehrzi, Minister of Tourism, has hailed Haya Water for conserving the environment and reducing pollution by treating the water which in turn helps in maintaining groundwater level besides reducing the consumption of the high-cost desalinated water.
The minister’s comments came during his visit to the Al Ansab Wetlands. The minister also reviewed the statistics that show the amounts of treated water per day which are used by various sectors and play a vital role in tourism development specially that 70 per cent of treated water are consumed by the tourism sector in hotels, parks, golf courses as well as residential and commercial complexes.
During the visit the minister praised Haya Water for providing areas such as the Al Ansab Wetlands which attracts dozens of migratory bird species confirming that the beauty of these wetlands will contribute to attracting more tourists and bird lovers to the site.